Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre

I just rise to speak on the Committee presentation and just to confirm that this project does have my absolute support, and it’s wonderful to see that the new centre will be in the Boondall Wetlands and not up at Nudgee Beach. Sorry Councillor ALLAN, through you, Madam Chair.

I know that was a site that Council did consider so I’m glad to see that it will be retained on the existing site, and of course there will be some impacts to the vegetation around there to provide an appropriate fire break. I know that the community groups and bush care groups and residents have been consulted around that extensively, and there has been acceptance of the need to do that to
ensure that this centre remains in the Boondall Wetlands at Boondall.

I attended the two public information sessions and they were not well attended but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. I think that people are generally supportive of the new centre there. So I understand there was feedback given through other channels not people attending those sessions there.

They are listed there and they all seem very reasonable and to retain the historic Queenslander which was installed in 1996 as part of the upgrades, the original upgrades to Boondall Wetlands under the Soorley Administration is a good thing. It will mean that the staff will actually have their own area to do their work and training in that is separate from the publicly accessible Environment Centre. So looking forward to seeing this progress.

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