Nev Warburton Condolence Motion

Thank you, Madam Chair. I rise to contribute to this motion of condolence for Neville George Warburton, and rising to talk, not just about the former Alderman for the Bramble Bay Ward or the former State Member for Sandgate or the former Labor Leader in Queensland or Minister in the reforming Goss Government, but to talk about a thoroughly decent man who is still remembered as a gentleman and a leader in my community after all these years.

There are people of a certain age who still remember the work of Nev fondly in the community. I was speaking to Graham Wright of Sandgate, in his 90s now, who was a member of the Deagon branch of the Labor Party with Nev many years ago, long before he entered public office either as the Alderman or the State Member of Sandgate. He remembers their friendship very fondly. He remembers the man who would do just about anything for those who needed it in his community. He remembers Nev and Fran welcoming friends into their home at Christmas time.

I was speaking to John Nagle of Shorncliffe who was a long-standing fisherman in that community. He remembered the times when Nev would come up to the Seaview Hotel and share with the trawler men and women in a beer or two, or maybe a few more, and they also remember the support that Nev gave to the fishing industry in the local community as well. And, of course, talking to members of the Sandgate Bowls Club where Nev was not only a member and a player, but also a competitor and a great advocate for the sport of bowls.

The thing about all of these recollections, when talking to people in the community from locals, is not just of him being an Alderman or a State Member, but him being a friend and an active member and leader of the community that he loved. His time in office, particularly in State Parliament, was a tumultuous time in Queensland politics and particularly for Labor politicians. He led the Labor Caucus here in City Hall as the Secretary of the Municipal Labor Party. He did that with distinction. He led the State Parliamentary Caucus with distinction, and he led his community with distinction. Nev will be greatly missed by his party, by his family and by friends. I say thank you and goodbye, Nev Warburton.

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